creepy Omeagle chat log

Stranger: hi
You: hi
Stranger: so, how do we start
You: well, what’s ur biggest secret?
Stranger: I killed someone two years ago
You: i don’t believe it
Stranger: I didn’t even know his name
You: by accident?
Stranger: no, planed, actually
Stranger: some day, I was late for work
Stranger: I decided to take a taxi
Stranger: but a man rushed to me and took the taxi
Stranger: I tried to argue with him
Stranger: but he is bigger than me and beat me to the ground
Stranger: I camped and stabbed him to death the day after
You: he’s a stranger to u ?
Stranger: since there is no witness and I have no other relationship with him
Stranger: cops never got a clue
You: that’s crazy

3 comments so far

  1. kasumi on

    没看标题就进来了 以为是某个电影片段。。。那个站真好用啊另外 对方是陌生人的话 他之后又是怎么找到人家的

  2. Jimmy on

    早上在同一个地方等车的话, 显然住得很近吧

  3. iCrazy on



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